Women Empower Active Placing Value Where You Need It Most

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In this episode I talk about the learnings from the last interview I did with Mercedes Pollmeier. Mercedes finds the most value in a workout with both strength and flexibility. One of her favorite examples of this is lifting and stretching together. That really was an amazing concept not just because it is an added benefit to your lift, but because it let me do something I value alongside something I don’t prioritize and often procrastinate doing. I thought how can I prioritize other activities and I came up with a few concepts of my own; adding mobility into my core, knee-specific strength, and being proactive about weaknesses.

In the second part of the episode, I go into racing and setting goals that will promote improvement in specific techniques you personally need to work on. Ultimately making you a better racer and also hopefully enjoying the race more too. My examples are all running-based here but I am hoping you can apply these ideas to whatever activities you’re working on.

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