Words of Empowerment 2022

Words of Empowerment 2022

This episode features all of the amazing people we interviewed in 2022! We have edited together clips of each guest (and some from the host) sharing their words of empowerment to create one power-packed show! We hope you enjoy! See you in 2023!

00:39 Audrey Voelker

01:15 Kim Holstine

03:20 Cobi Harris Seslar

08:07 CamE Tasker

09:04 Elizabeth Gross

12:27 Sarah Fowler

14:04 Jacalyn Gross (Race Report)

14:59 Rachel Cundy

15:48 Tiffany Chenault

18:44 Helen Thayer

21:05 Mercedes Pollmeier

23:42 Jacalyn Gross (Placing value where you need it most)

Produced by Jeremy Canaria

Edited by Jacalyn Gross