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Clothes That Don't Fit Suck!

There's nothing worse than being on a run and constantly having to focus on your clothes. 
Chafing hurts and shorts that ride up are annoying!


I wear these shorts for EVERY RUN over 45 minutes. They are the only short that doesn't ride or rub. I've run over 8 marathons in them, including Chicago and Boston. It's nice to not worry about chafing when you are focused on that BQ! 

Kara G.

Hey - I wore these shorts at the Grand Rapids Marathon on Sunday and these shorts ROCKED!!!! My husband thought I was crazy to wear shorts in a marathon that I have never worn before - I mean who does that?? I loved the way these shorts felt the moment I tried them on and had faith that they would wear well - and they DID!! They never rode up, no chaffing, just pure smooth comfort!!! I LOVE THEM!!! I am totally impressed and will only wear these shorts!!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!


They are the only shorts/capris I wear for anything over 6 miles. 

Fara K.

It takes a woman to get women's running apparel right.

The UR Sportswear story begins with our founder, Jacalyn Gross, during her final semester at Michigan State. Jacalyn was a middle-distance runner for their track team, dealing with societal pressures about body image that are prominent in the running community. Having running clothing that didn't fit properly made Jacalyn even more aware of her body, and she became passionate about creating women's running clothing that fit properly and didn't shift with movement. 

As part of her Apparel and Textile Design degree, Jacalyn created a survey geared towards other local college runners. Using this information, she founded UR Sportswear. To finance her dream, she went to Alaska to work as a processor but ultimately ended up working as an office assistant. She made a bet with a coworker that she would run every day, and she kept her side of the bet--even after encountering a 13 ft. grizzly bear. 

Jacalyn was able to pick up another job, ultimately working 16-hour days. She was inspired by a 'UR' logo she drew up, and kept going until her dream became a reality. It has been eight years since the original Just Rock Short was first manufactured and worn—and they've lasted. Our goal is to make sportswear for women that fits well and lasts. Nothing should stop you from running—not how your sportswear feels, not what you think you look like, or, well, bears. 

There is always an obstacle every one of us has had to overcome to keep showing up for ourselves. Our lives are all different, but being active brings us together. We are runners. We want to foster an empowering community where active women feel empowered to get out the door in long-lasting, great quality sportswear.

Order for yourself. Order for your friends. Order for your family!