Women Empower Active Irene Yee

Women Empower Active Irene Yee

In this episode, we talk to Irene Yee pronouns she/her. Irene started being active as a young person, playing school-organized sports, cross country, and basketball. Irene went to such a small school, students almost had to join a sport in order to have enough athletes to compete. For Irene it wasn’t that she loved these sports, she just participated in them.

Irene made a big move after college from Boston to Las Vegas to look for a better-paying job and a lower cost of living. After settling in, she was looking for an inexpensive gym in her area and joined a climbing gym. Irene sort of stumbled into a great group of people who took her outside to climb and she was hooked. Irene is also a really crafty person and enjoys creating things from sewing to woodworking. Irene’s exceptional technical skills and design background made climbing photography her ideal creative outlet.

Climbing photography has changed how she thinks about her goals with climbing. She is more interested in being with friends and maintaining fitness than not pushing further and further. She also loves sharing her climbing photography skills and strives to create a safe space for others to learn.

Guest: Irene Yee, ladylockoff.com

Host: Jacalyn Gross

Producer: Jeremy Canaria

Sponsor: ursportswear.com