Women Empower Active Elizabeth Gross

Women Empower Active Elizabeth Gross

In this episode woman who inspired me to be active, my mom Elizabeth Gross. She was a collegiate swimmer for Nothern Michigan University, she is a runner, she does yoga, she hikes and more recently she started climbing. In this episode, we talk about how Elizabeth started swimming at a young age, as a high school athlete she was made to change in the equipment room and how it felt going from the only athlete on a team to a full group of like-minded women.

We also discuss the hard part of athletics; overtraining and understanding nutrition, also how a coach's poor choices can make a lasting impact on an athlete's relationship with food. Finally words of empowerment and trying new things the advice is worth the listen. Happy Mother’s Day to Moms and Mother figures.

Host: Jacalyn Gross

Guest: Elizabeth Gross

Producer: Jeremy Canaria & Jacalyn Gross

Editors: Jacalyn Gross & Jeremy Canaria