Women Empower Active Catching up with Tiffany Chenault

Women Empower Active Catching up with Tiffany Chenault

Originally we interviewed Tiffany in January of 2021, and if you haven’t yet go back to the links below and listen to part 1. In this episode, we catch up with Tiffany about what has happened since we last spoke specifically how the pandemic impacted her goal of 50 races in 50 states. She also discusses her recent races and the races left to run. During this period Tiffany also faced a diagnosis of breast cancer, after losing her Mom to cancer. We talk about that and dig into how bodies process emotional pain. We of course touch on her book and how that’s coming along. It’s a great conversation and you won’t want to miss it.

Check out the original episode https://ursportswear.com/blogs/news/women-empower-active-tiffany-chenault-part-1

Guest: Tiffany Chenault

Host: Jacalyn Gross

Producer: Jeremy Canaria & Jacalyn Gross