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Clothes That Don't Fit Suck!

There's nothing worse than being on a run and constantly having to focus on your clothes. 
Chafing hurts and shorts that ride up are annoying!


I wear these shorts for EVERY RUN over 45 minutes. They are the only short that doesn't ride or rub. I've run over 8 marathons in them, including Chicago and Boston. It's nice to not worry about chafing when you are focused on that BQ! 

Kara G.

I wore these shorts at a marathon for the first time. My husband thought I was crazy to wear shorts that I have never worn before. I loved the way these shorts felt the moment I tried them on and had faith that they would wear well. They never rode up, no chaffing, just pure smooth comfort! I LOVE THEM! I'm totally impressed and will only wear these shorts, thank you!


They are the only shorts/capris I wear for anything over 6 miles. 

Fara K.