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My favorite podcasts to run to besides Serial

brevardPodcasts seem to be all the rage since Serial went viral ( if you haven’t listened to Serial, it a podcast that is an investigation into the 1999 Murder of Hae Min Lee in Baltimore and is worth a listen). I discovered in college that podcasts are perfect for lonesome runs especially long ones. Often times, you can find me listening to a few at work. So here is my list of my favorite podcasts.

This American Life– This is the quintessential podcast and I would be surprised if you haven’t heard it once. For an hour, Ira Glass and his crew explore a theme typically in three to four acts. It’s mostly true stories of everyday people, though not always.  I adore this podcast so much that I went and saw Ira live. You should also check out Fred Armisen’s impression here.

SModcast-This podcast is the opposite of This American Life. A stoned Kevin Smith, known for Clerks, Dogma, Mallrats and Tusk, joins his friend Scott Mosier and the two meander around in a hilarious conversation for an hour plus. This is the podcast for super long runs. I can’t even describe how funny this podcast is except maybe to say that I have stopped a time or two because I was laughing so hard.

UnFictional– This is a new one for me and has been perfect for my 30 minute runs. Each episode approaches a subject much like a documentary. The subjects range from man haunted by Montgomery Clift until he writes a script to a man who as an 11 year old survived a plane crash that killed three others.

Freaknomics Radio – Based on a book of the same name, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner explore various problems from economic stand point.

The Moth Radio Hour– When I was in middle school, my English class did a storytelling unit where we had to memorize a story and retell it to elementary school students. This podcast is also all about storytelling. The Moth travels across the country, holds storytelling events and records stories. These stories are much better than anything I ever told.

Sword and Scale– Do you love Law and Order or any show ID? Then you will like this podcast. Sword and Scale is a true crime podcast that will have you sprinting to get home.

Radiolab– This podcast is another you can find on NPR (along with This American Life). Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. My favorite one is this one about distance running.


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Baby, its cold outside

Happy 2015! If you are like me, you are likely still asleep (you have to love a good scheduling tool). Typically, blog posts around this time do one of two things; talk about goals or reflect about the previous year but I’m not going to either of those. I have already written a blog about goals and this past year was a bit of a mix bagged.
Instead, let us talk a little bit of subject that has been hitting me hard this week that is running in the cold. By hitting hard, I mean the high was 14 degrees yesterday. I know many of you would scoff and consider this warm but I was born and raised below the Mason Dixon line. Let me put it this way, I own only four pairs of tights. I had no idea fleece lined tights existed until this year.

ColdoutsideWith that being said, cold weather has a negative effect on my running. Mainly, I don’t hydrate enough and I don’t want to run in the cold. I’ve been able to tackle the hydration issue pretty easily but drinking lots of tea. There is nothing quite like a warm cup of tea after a cold run or even during the day. I have also discovered the NUUN makes a pretty warm drink. I stick to the caffeine free teas. I have found that I drink more tea than I did water.

The issue of going out to run in the cold hasn’t exactly been resolved. For Christmas, I asked for lots of layers and warm athletic gear which helps. I also purchased a cheap (like $3.00) drawstring toboggan that allows me to wear it around my nose (see pic). I also received a white reflective vest and a head lamp that helps me navigate night run (will also make Beer Chasers Wednesday night group run heck of a lot nicer). If I’m really not motivated, I stick a few dollars in my pocket to purchase a hot drink on the way home. I will admit I do wimp out sometimes and use the indoor track at the gym. Miles are miles.

What do you do to help your running in the cold months?
I hope everyone is having a great new year! I’m looking forward to getting married and running my first half with a new last name in May.

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When you aren’t the only runner in the family anymore

10659286_10202905677592246_4323240366889049457_nI am the oldest of three girls and we have always been competitive. My sisters are more gifted in the hand-eye coordination area and I was the only long distance runner in the family ( my youngest sister was a sprinter in high school in the soccer off-season).

That changed recently, my middle sister has joined me in those ranks. I started getting pictures of her Garmin and every present has become a request for running clothes. She has slowly built her mileage and plans how to run everyday. She is getting her master’s degree and works in a lab the majority of the day. Running has become the way she gets outdoors. The greenway is right behind her apartment and she tries to go farther on it. It makes me happy that she enjoys it so much. I am so over joyed to be able to share it with her

. “Bring your running clothes and shoes” was the text I received the morning the SO and I left for Thanksgiving with my family. I laughed a little bit for we had already been on the road for two hours (we had to drive to Seattle to fly to Nashville) but assured her they were packed. Thanksgiving this year was her birthday, and before the relatives diverged on the house we went on the run. We ran through the neighborhoods and noticed the changes, we talked about life and explored my old running haunt of the VA. Before I knew it, she was kicking my butt. While I have been trying to get into a routine,  she has been building fitness and speed.

We have decided to run a half marathon in May and it will be fun to share her first half marathon experience. I’ll be training so she doesn’t have to wait too long at the finish line for me.   -Cara

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Thoughts about the Long Run

I remember when I use to dread the long run, I was a middle distance runner so what was the use. In high school, my teammate (also now maid of honor) and I started to log longer and longer runs in the summer usually laughing and joking the whole time. I fell head over heals for the long run (or head over hills considering the type of terrain I like). The awesome part about the long run, it makes the shorter ones seem easier.

I like to do my long runs a little different than most people, I take whatever is the slowest pace that I want to go and calculate the total time then I go get lost on trails. By lost, I mean I go out for say 40 minutes and then turn around to find my way back. So on good days, I might cover more mileage than what I record and on bad days, I still get the mileage I need in. The best days, I get to have quite the adventure.


I’ll share a couple adventures I’ve had on the long run (or as Shalane Flanagan calls it “the church of the long run) . It was the day after Halloween, I had been out the night before at the parties but not super late and I had made sure to drink 2 bottles of Gatorade (FYI NUUN works better). The next day, I woke up surprisingly early and feeling OK. I tiptoed through our house, my other roommates still asleep, and slipped out to Panther creek. Panther creek was the perfect place to train for cross country and beautiful in the fall.  I don’t know what moved me to do it, but I decided to explore a new trail. Two miles into the run, it started to climb. I crunched the leaves with every step and slowly my mind started to realize what I had gotten myself into. After deciding not to turn around,  I reached the top of the summit and I was able to see the whole park. My muscles ached and I felt dehydrated but the view was worth it. I began my descent and well got a bit lost. I ended up doing 13 miles. Suddenly, the 5k cross country races did not feel as bad.

The next long run that stands out in my mind is one of the first I did in Austin on town lake loop (or Lady Bird lake for non locals). I was training for the Chicago marathon, I needed to get 20 miles in. Luckily, town lake is 10 miles long, so 2 loops and I should be done. I had also not ran the complete loop before but rather would go out for a certain time and turn around. I was adjusting to running life in Austin by getting up early to beat heat and crowds. I also had my first official date that day with a guy I had met and it was brunch date. While doing my 20 mile run, I had met a friend for a few of the interloping miles and got completely turned around and lost (notice a theme) by the time I left her. While looking at a map, I heard my name being called. Lucky for me, it was my future date who then directed me back towards my apartment. We had a great date and now we are getting married in 100 some odd days.

A month or so left in Colorado Springs and I will be enjoying every long run! What are some of your favorite long run memories?
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2013 so far…

I’m Kim and I’m psyched to be a part of the URTribe!

2013 has been an awesome year so far for running!  I started seriously running last year.  I’m slow, but working at it.

So far I have run the Color Me Rad 5k, The Kona Run 10k, and the Clawson Freedom Run.  Color Me Rad is a fun run and I forgot my watch, so it was truly just a fun run.  The Kona Run was a different story for me.  I was able to knock a minute per mile off of my average pace for my 2012 races.  I felt amazing when I finished.  Even more good news came after the Freedom Run when I finished over 5 minutes faster than my previous PR for a 5k race.  I’m feeling great this year.  My breathing is improving – I have asthma and require an inhaler to run.  I only have 81-92% of my lung capacity I should have, and that is after using my inhaler.  My muscles have changed tremendously.  Climbing has also helped improve my strength, particularly in my core.

I am continuing my training schedule that I kept last year, only this year I am wayyyy ahead of where I was last year.  I run 2-4 times a week at least 3 miles, if not more, and do a long run on the weekends.  Right now I’m adding a mile a week to my long runs.  I did 7 this past weekend, so I’m shooting for 8 this weekend.  I also climb 2 times a week.

URTribe is a great source of motivation and I love sharing accomplishments!  It also helps keep me accountable for my workouts.  I’m loving it and representing the company.  It’s great to be asked about it when out and getting to start a conversation about a product line I’m happy with and just fitness in general!  I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s races for the rest of the summer.  Good luck all on your training and runs.  I’m thoroughly enjoying hearing about it all from so many different levels of experience.


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MY first track race in maybe three years will be in ONE day. Let us state that better, I race Wednesday (kind of gave me the jitters right there). I envision I have come full circle as a runner AND person.
A genius friend of mine, well an awesome runner and yes friend of mine.. I asked for advice.. pointed me toward a 5k.
Stating simply,
“if you run a 24:00 5k on the track you’ll be okay with it. If you run a shitty mile or dread it, 800m, you won’t. “
I totally agreed of course.
At 26 I feel like it has been enough time away from the track. I would like to put my “balanced head” to the test, knowing that it doesn’t really matter not even slightly how I do. It really will not alter or even change the world in the slightest.
This leads me to my well thought out and very measurable goal of the season that is, to just have-fun-compete-not care. We could even make a fun little acronym HFCNC, hash tag it, and throw it on Twitter. WHAT?! It still doesn’t matter?! 
We live on this impossibly large earth and we think that we impact it so heavily  Not true, unless you mean pollution wise but that is a matter for a different day.. Truth is most of what we do is for us. So, why not take your next race down in style, get rid of the nerves they can’t help you. Just relax take a deep breath and compete.
Thank you.
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Girls and Sports

There are a ton of web pages targeted at sports fans on the web these days. I stumbled across a great one today, called Women Talk Sports (WTS). WTS was started my a former steeple chase extraordinaire named Ann Gaffigan, a former basketball player Megan Hueter and an award winning writer/producer Jane Schonberger
. Sounds like a great group of people to me.

If you are like me and have just graduated from college and missing your teammates, WTS is the place to go. It is a calumniation of awesome women for you to surround yourself with (there is some boy’s sports in there also). WTS is basically a ton of different bloggers, talking about an array of topics under one roof. The blogs mainly have to do with promoting women and strength/sports. The blogs aren’t just all about race results either; they have fun topics like “Vote for the new Wonder Women” or “Can you surf better than this Orca whale?”. Although, if you are itching to find an outcome to a race there is a tab called “Race Report”, where you can get your fix.

Whatever you are looking for this is a great find, and they are adding a climbing tab soon so stay tuned ladies.

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Spreading Climbing Love

Today I climbed at a new gym in South Bay, CA called Hangar 18. It is part of a chain of three climbing gyms; the other two are located in Riverside and upland, CA (just in case someone wants to check them out). They have a really great website which makes them more accessible. I am sure climbing gyms don’t realize how hard it can be to find a new place to climb in cities you have never been to before.

This gym was fun because you could top out. I don’t know what it is about topping out to make you feel like you really have accomplished something. Like slapping the top of the wall is great and all, but when you get to stand on the top and look down it’s the greatest. Maybe it is a king of the mountain kind of a thing (outside is better of course). Either way, it was a great gym. They had really cool routes with upside down bouldering problems, which is a weakness of mine. I was happy to work on some of my weaknesses.

My ten year cousin also joined me for this trip. It was great to watch someone who has never climbed before. He had really good instincts; he knew to keep his hips in and had a great reach. I am sure if he built a bit of hand strength he would be really good. It is like trying anything you love with a child. Try to hype them up with YouTube videos (Chris Sharma) and hope for the best. You really never know how it will go. I think he liked it though, so I hope I helped to spread climbing love.

WO:10miles/3hours climbing/2xabs
Conditions:CA Cold