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Climber or Not: Watch This

Here is a little inspiration for everyone’s Monday 🙂

Whether you are a rock climber, runner, gymnast, yogi, soccer player, musician, whatever you may be, you should watch this video. We all need to learn how to find that “mediation” or relaxation phase in our lives. Everyone has a different time that is best to enter this phase. FIND IT. USE IT. Being able to use relaxation to your advantage is very helpful. Your relaxation zone may be approaching a climb, walking onto a stage, changing a position, waiting in a corral, or maybe its focusing on a skill. Close your eyes, even for one minute. Take a deep breath and open your eyes back up. Relax, and move forward.

This video inspires me in everything I do, school, work, running, climbing, and yoga. I can apply it to everything:

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Purpose Sticks


While going around to the various road races this summer, I found something very interesting to me. That was the stories of how people begin. Many of us know that sometimes starting new things can be hard not only physically, but mentally. Making something a habit is not easy. The best way that I have found to do this is to hold myself accountable for my goal. This is usually by sticking some sort of reminder right out in front of my face. That is how we came up with Purpose Sticks collection.

Basically you take which ever Purpose Sticks that meets your goal, say 13.1 you put it on your calendar, insert it in the edge of your mirror or any other crazy place that you sit and stare at. Then when you feel very unmotivated you’ll be forced notice your goal, and you’ll remember why it is you started. This will hold you accountable for your goal. Then when you meet this goal of yours, you take the sticker and slap it on your car, your water bottle or whatever else and you proudly show off your accomplishment.

Ideas of where to post it for motivation maximization:

  • Fridge
  • Mirror
  • Bathroom wall
  • Bedroom wall
  • On your office calendar
  • Prop it up on your lap top
  • Outside a cupboard door
  • Anywhere you look every day

Ideas of where to sport it once you’ve met your goal:

  • Car
  • Laptop
  • Water bottle
  • Your shirt for the day (they don’t go through the wash well) J
  • Your motorcycle
  • Your kayak
  • Golf cart
  • Lunch box
  • Trapper keeper
  • Anywhere! Just let it be known, you’re awesome!
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New spandex sportswear: This dream is no stretch By JA Staes

Are there any dreams that would make you would work next to the Arctic Circle in Alaska for months, virtually alone, at a fish cannery? Where, when you take your morning run, there’s a good chance you’d run into a bear or a moose?

Metro Detroiter Jackie Gross braved that environment to fulfill her dream … about spandex. Not just any spandex. It’s called UR Sportswear. She self-funded the development and prototypes through her Alaska trip and then went to Kickstarter to make it possible to ramp up production on sportswear that actually fits right.

As an avid runner and former college coach, Gross found most of what’s out there for runners, climbers, yoga enthusiasts and other active women takes away focus from the athletics. It doesn’t fit well, it’s unattractive or a combination of the two. So she reached out and asked people who are actually working out, running and being active what kind of sportswear they wanted. For the first product line she surveyed more than 300 women athletes. By directly asking those who actually are going to use the clothing, she was able to find out what they’re really looking for and develop a unique product.

Whereas companies like Nike and Reebok are generally top down in their approach, UR Sportswear is aiming to be the clothing choice of those who are the doers … the athletes themselves. UR Sportswear is starting off on the right foot. Social interaction is part of its DNA and it has a constant feedback loop between customers and the company.

“I think people want to be in control of what they wear and feel like what they have to say should be taken into consideration in designing their workout apparel,” says Gross. “They want to have confidence in what they’re wearing.”

The Michigan State graduate is now taking the project to Kickstarter to raise $35,000. Admittedly that’s a hefty sum but this kind of project uses a high-tech material. That requires capital to buy a special fabric that cannot be purchased in small quantities. It’s smart thinking to ask for that money since one of the top reasons businesses fail is underfunding.

“The goal is to keep everything in the United States, Michigan and Detroit … the manufacture, the design, the marketing, everything,” says Gross.

She is already planning a factory visit in the next couple of months to personally ensure the working conditions and quality of a potential supplier.

Once UR gets funded, it plans to expand into menswear and is already are surveying men about their needs.
If you’re interested in helping establish a new business that will help diversify the Detroit economy you can pre-purchase a pair of the first line of UR spandex shorts or contribute in anyway comfortable for you.

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Spreading Climbing Love

Today I climbed at a new gym in South Bay, CA called Hangar 18. It is part of a chain of three climbing gyms; the other two are located in Riverside and upland, CA (just in case someone wants to check them out). They have a really great website which makes them more accessible. I am sure climbing gyms don’t realize how hard it can be to find a new place to climb in cities you have never been to before.

This gym was fun because you could top out. I don’t know what it is about topping out to make you feel like you really have accomplished something. Like slapping the top of the wall is great and all, but when you get to stand on the top and look down it’s the greatest. Maybe it is a king of the mountain kind of a thing (outside is better of course). Either way, it was a great gym. They had really cool routes with upside down bouldering problems, which is a weakness of mine. I was happy to work on some of my weaknesses.

My ten year cousin also joined me for this trip. It was great to watch someone who has never climbed before. He had really good instincts; he knew to keep his hips in and had a great reach. I am sure if he built a bit of hand strength he would be really good. It is like trying anything you love with a child. Try to hype them up with YouTube videos (Chris Sharma) and hope for the best. You really never know how it will go. I think he liked it though, so I hope I helped to spread climbing love.

WO:10miles/3hours climbing/2xabs
Conditions:CA Cold