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Happy New Year welcome to 2015! Here are some tools to reach your next goal. 1. Have a clear defined purpose: If you have a clear goal in mind it is much easier to track your success. Also give yourself progress goals along the way to keep the motivation flowing. 2. Make it a habit: It takes approximately 30 days to make a habit this doesn’t mean go crazy hard for 30 days and burn yourself out, it is a duration for your mind to stay strong. Hang in there. 3. Give yourself several options: If you have a strict exercise schedule in mind you have to remember you have a body attached to that brain. Some days you will simply lack motivation. Make sure to have an alternative or “light workout/easy base day” planned. Stay tuned to UR and our Women Empower Active. We will have a few new products out soon! We also have three guests in the wings for Women Empower Active that you will not want to miss! For more information about Women Empower Active or to shop UR go to