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  • Be Who UR

    be who ur


    Comparison is a killer. Forget what other people are doing and focus on yourself and how you can improve. Cherish who you are as an individual. Be happy, be healthy, Be who UR.


  • UR2013-circuit-273

    control top capri


    This control top capri features a soft wide waist band and a supportive fabric design to help keep your glutes where you want them while you’re working out.

  • Mint Side

    convertible short


    This convertible short gives you options. Flip between a 7 inch inseam or a 9 depending how you feel or how much you’d like to cover up.

  • 3001_M_F2

    extra long wicking tank


    This extra long razorback tank is cut to hang low and not ride high. Keeping covered what you want covered.

  • Fitness Is A Feeling

    fitness is a feeling


    Fitness allows you to see epic views, it does not determine how your body will look. Appreciate these moments and thank your body for getting you there. For who you are, is made up of what you repeatedly do.

  • Rosebud Eggplant

    just rock shorts


    Why these JUST ROCK:  They’re women’s spandex shorts that absolutely do not ride up, no matter what!


  • Mint Back

    skirted tank


    This razorback tank has a long slimming under-layer with a looser, flattering over-layer to help you feel in control throughout your workout.

  • Mint Front

    slimming tank


    This razorback tank is designed to be slimming and is cut longer to keep it from riding up. Add in the tuck-under nutrition pocket and flat seams and this slimming tank is your ideal UR marathon on up top.


  • Strong Women Never Quit

    strong women never quit


    We think the word strong and women should be synonymous. This shirt reminds us of our strength and that even if you’re having a terrible workout or just a terrible day that you just need to keep going. Don’t let whatever is causing you hardship get the best of you.

  • The Race Begins Here.

    the race begins here


    Before we get to the starting line there is so much training that needs to be done. Train everyday with purpose and keep your racing goal ever present in the back of your mind.

  • UR Stronger Than You Think

    ur stronger t-shirt


    A t-shirt to inspire and to be inspired. Let yourself see the strength within.

  • UR Tribe

    ur tribe


    The UR Tribe is made up of women who push themselves physically, despite all of life’s distractions. It is about challenging yourself, supporting and celebrating each other when you reach a goal. This t-shirt is the badge that represents the struggles, but also the triumphs of staying active and finding your fitness.